Polaroid z2300 – Instant Digital Camera Review

Today we are going to review Polaroid z2300 Instant digital camera which is one of the host selling product released by Polaroid company. In this polaroid z2300 review, we will be discussing its design aspects, usage, notable features, specifications and film quality etc. The most important part includes some major pros and cons which are mentioned at the end of this article. After going through this review article, you would be able to finalize your decision for Polaroid z2300 instant digital camera.

Polaroid is famous for making Instant Photography cameras. It is one of the main inventors of Instant Photography but with the modernization of Photography industry and the introduction of HD DSLR cameras, it became difficult to compete for Polaroid as these modern cameras have replaced the instant photography.

One thing many people don’t know is that the Polaroid is the very first inventor of the digital cameras. As the world choice has changed from Print to Pixel, Polaroid has tried their best to stay relevant to the market-based user requirements and they introduced the modern digital cameras with the old print option.

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid z2300 is one of the best known digital instant camera available in the market by Polaroid. With the modern digital touch, Polaroid z2300 is different from the old traditional Instant Cameras. The camera has the ability to store images, apply effects and many more options that you can only get in modern digital cameras. It is equipped with so many features that can be explored.The introduction of digital technology is something special added in this series of Digital Instant Polaroid cameras.

Polaroid z2300 Review

Without wasting any time, let’s look on to some of the important design aspects of Polaroid z2300 camera.


The camera design is simple as compared to the vintage style FujiFilm cameras but somehow it is not a compact camera by any mean. The built-in printer and space for Film have covered massive volume making it bulky & Polaroid Z2300 back viewdifficult to hold. The front is flat with a slim & stylish rainbow strip at the center. Flashlight and lens are fixed on the front right side.

The back side is covered with a 3 inch LCD and a button marked “open” to reveal the film space. When the “open” button is pressed, it releases the screen lock and the Backside cover opens to reveal the paper tray. There are 5 rows of buttons with different option besides the LCD screen. The image comes from the right side while the left side contains power jack, switch for landscape and USB mini port to copy data to a computer.

The z2300 Polaroid Instant camera is available in White and Black colors.


Poalorid z2300 comes with a 10 Mega Pixel camera that is capable of handling different image modes. it features a 3″ 230k dot LCD , a 720p video recorder and an integrated zinc Printer. Polaroid z2300 instant camera comes with SD card storage option. So no need to print every shot as the images are stored digitally in the SD Cards and later you can filter the required images for printing. There is also 32 MB built in memory of which 15 MB is available for photo storage.

Polaroid Z2300 Pack Live Review

A 3-way mode switch on the back side switches between still photography, video shooting or image playback options. There are limited to no manual control available for controlling aperture and shutter settings. Camera zoom option is also not available however one can zoom and crop the images using the digital zoom option.

In the Scene Mode, there are 21 options covering all Portrait, Landscape, fire works and creative simulations. Sensitivity range is narrow stretching from ISO 100 to ISO 4o0 for light adjustment. Focusing distance is 1m in general and 19 cm in macro mode that is quite good to take closeup images.

One cool option that purely makes this camera different from classic instant cameras is the HD video recording option. You can record the video and store it on the memory card just like the modern DSLR cameras. Also, the user can playback video on LCD and listen to the audio with the built in small speakers.

There are many options available in Playback modes like red eye adjustment and dynamic light settings. You can also set voice memos to remember where the image was taken. One can add a border to make the image more creative just like the classic Instant camera photographs.

After editing the image using built-in options, the user can take print out or share it on social media with your friends. You can also save the files in soft format (digital file) to reuse it or print later. with Polaroid z2300 instant digital camera, you get everything at one place that includes a high-resolution digital camera, built-in editing options,  instant printing, and sharing.


The technical specifications of Polaroid z2300 camera are as follows;

Size:4.6″ x 3″ x 1.4″
Lens:10 Megapixel, 6mm
Camera Sensor:1/3.2″ CMOS
Focus Range:Normal (1m –∞), Macro (19cm – 24cm)
Flash:Yes ( Range: 1.2 m – 2.1 m )
Memory:32 MB builtin , SD/ SDHC ( up-to 32 GB)
Video Recording:720p ( 1280 x 720 , 30 fps )
LCD:3″ Screen Size ( 23,000 pixels )
USB Ports:One (USB 2.0)
Battery:Rechargeable Li-ion 7.4 DC

Film Features:

The camera uses Integrated Zinc Printer to produce Smudge free, tear resistant and water resistant image on Polaroid z2300 film. The Size polaroid z2300 film reviewof the photo paper is 2″ x 3″. There is a small cabin behind LCD where this zinc film is loaded. The specially designed zinc film consists of crystals of colored dye under a polymer coating. The heat can activate the crystal and releases the color to produce the image which comes in dry format and slips out of the slot on the end of the camera. The polaroid z2300 film has a sticky back which helps to paste the images on a sticky board. You can collect photos of some special event, get a board and paste instant snaps on it. So whenever you see the sticky board, you remember your past and smile.

Now let’s quickly look at some major pros and cons of Polaroid z2300 digital instant camera.


  • SD Card Option for additional storage
  • 720p HD video Recording
  • Bright LCD to view and edit images
  • Built in Image stabilization options
  • Custom image border settings
  • Passport size photo mode to print images in nine standard passport sizes


  • Big in size as compared to the traditional cameras
  • No manual control for aperture or shutter priority
  • No Optical Zoom available
  • Image is sometimes blurred
  • Little expensive prints


Taking Instant photography to the next level, Polaroid has played a remarkable role to make the best instant camera for their users. Without any doubt, z2300 is one of the best digital Instant Photography cameras which has many options as any point and shoot digital camera. The HD video recording and Instant No ink Zinc Film printing technology made this camera more lovely to use.

Without reason, this is the best choice if you want to store your memories and take print of the important ones. Go and party on with Polaroid z2300 Instant Digital camera which is packed with many fun features. Store your memories, share it with your loved ones, take print out and paste them on your walls. Combine the Instant fun with built-in filters and get a borded photograph in vintage style to preserve the memories.