Polaroid Snap Touch Review, Features, Price & Comparison

Polaroid Snap Touch Review & Comparison: Polaroid is best known for its instant cameras that produce finished image as quick as you press the shutter button. In old times, these films were very famous but with the passage of time and modernization of technology, people are more diverted towards digital cameras which have far more features as compared to instant cameras. To fulfill the market requirements, Polaroid introduced Modern and slim snap touch instant digital camera that not only prints images instantly but also have the capacity to store the images in digital format.

Snap Touch Camera Parts

The Polaroid snap touch does not use film, instead, it prints the image on digitally on heat sensitive paper. This camera is a piece of charm when you are out with your friends and family on a trip. Although it cannot compete the modern digital cameras that have a lot more features than almost any Polaroid camera but still this camera can be handy if you like the mixture of instant and digital photography. This polaroid snap touch camera review will help you figure out its notable features, functions, and usage.

Polaroid Snap Touch Review

Polaroid SnapTouch White Review


a) Dimensions & Colors

Polaroid snap touch is a slim attractive camera. It seems to be the best combination of old and new designs and features. The dimensions are 4 x 6 x 1.1 inch that makes it handy and best for pocket use. On the front, there is a stylish rainbow strip. The camera body corners are round and the red soft shutter button is really user-friendly. The smooth body shape and texture makes it easy to handle and use. It comes in white, red, pink, black, blue and red color. The top center area contains shutter release and pop-up flashlight. The flash is power control when the top center area is pressed, the shutter area pops up and the camera turns on. A small selfie mirror is also there just beside the flash.

Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Printing Camera

b) Digital LCD

There is an LCD on the rear side of the camera. The size is 3.5 inch and it comes with 460k doted resolution. The icons on the screen are of low resolution. Also the screen quality is not good to make out details in setting up a shot. Behind the screen, there is a paper compartment which swings out from the body. Polaroid snap touch camera uses portable USB cable for charging.


Polaroid snap instant camera can capture some real-life sharing moments for you. In addition to that, it also has the ability to record your daily life routines at 1080p quality. Although the camera records smooth videos with great color accuracy but image stabilization is not available that makes the video little shaky and jittery. One can also use video filters or color sets to adjust the brightness and contrast of the video.

Polaroid Snap Touch Review

a) Storage

Polaroid Snap Touch comes with internal storage but it is limited to store 14 to 15 images at one time. To handle the low memory problem, the camera supports micro SD Card up to 128 GB. So that you can have enough memory to store the precious moments of your life.

b) Photo Borders

There are various photo border built in options available with polaroid snap touch insant print camera. If you don’t like the classic white border then you can add some colored border to the image in the camera. There are various snap chat like stickers like lips, flowers, smiley faces, heart and sunglasses faces. The camera also comes with various built-in filters that include white and black, sketch art, vintage looks etc. You can apply stickers and filters before or after you take the image.

c) Android App & Connectivity

The camera has its own Android app known as Polaroid print app. Connect the camera to the phone and use the app to give printing and other commands. it comes with Bluetooth connectivity options which give you the freedom of sharing your photos on social media or other networks.

d) Image Quality

The quality of image is mixed. Focus quality is also inconsistent. Autofocus is slow in both bright and low light. If you don’t find the right combination of light and brightness, you are not going to get your dream image.


Polaroid Snap Touch instant print digital camera uses Zink papers (Zero Ink) of size 3 by 2 inch. The paper contains three layers of dye. When it comes in contact with heat, the dye changes color. The back side offers an adhesive surface when the back sticker is peeled off. That makes it easy to paste your favorite images on boards or walls. Loading the papers is also very easy. Swipe the cabin out beside the touch screen and place the set of zink paper in the cabin. When you press the capture button, the print instantly comes out from the side of the camera.

Snap Touch View from Top


  • Screen: 3.5 inch Touchscreen LCD
  • Camera Lens: 13 MP
  • Video Recording: 1080p / 720p
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Yes
  • Print Size: 2 x 3 inch
  • Burst Speed: Yes


  • Self-mirror for selfie picture
  • Camera filters and image editing tools
  • Android supported app for smartphone printing
  • Big LCD screen
  • Burst mode for taking continuous shots


  • No image stabilization for video mode
  • Slow autofocus
  • Low-resolution screen
  • No shutter aperture or focus knobs
  • Costly printing of images


The Price of polaroid snap touch instant print camera ranges from $150 to $180. It is somewhat costly as compared to other polaroid models but the additional features of snap touch cover the price. You can buy it online from Amazon store at a discounted price along with the film, storage bag, and other accessories.


Polaroid snap touch is easy to use and handy pocket size camera that is loaded with a lot of features especially when you want to share precious moments with others. It is also affordable as compared to modern digital cameras. Also, it contains dozens of extra features as compared to the classic Polaroid camera. Although it cannot compete the modern focusing DSLR Cameras still it has almost all the features that are required to capture the moments.