Polaroid 300 Instant Camera Review

Polaroid pic 300 is one of the best known instant Polaroid cameras available in the market. The camera takes instant photos and develop in front of your eyes. It is the best choice for wedding or party functions and great for guest books too. You can share special moments with your loved ones by taking instant snaps with them. The camera is really fun to use, simply capture the image, develop and share with others.Polaroid PIC 300 Camera Side

With the introduction of modern Digital and DSLR cameras, the old Polaroid cameras were not able to compete the high end cameras and the company discontinued their trendy party snap cameras. But now Polaroid is back with their best series of Instant Polaroid cameras that can instantly capture your life moments on the film.

In this article we are doing Polaroid pic 300 review that covers its design, specification, pros and cons. After going through this review, it will be easy for you to make the final decision about this instant camera.

Unlike the old vintage style Polaroid cameras, Polaroid 300 has many special features to consider when getting a new instant camera from the market. The camera resembles the late Fujifilm models that are available in the market. It is modern in design and style and has many features.

The camera is much handy when you are traveling to some distant place. You can take it any where from school parties to wedding functions and get the most desirable moments of life on a credit card size paper.

Polaroid PIC 300 Review


The modern Polaroid Pic 300 is designed considering the perfect handling and the easiness of use. The camera body is mainly made of plastic but still the quality of material is pretty much impressive. Don’t be fooled with the simple plastic design. All it requires is a little bit care while handling. Apart from that, it is perfect for handling and capturing instant photographs. The camera comes in black, red, purple and blue colors.



Polaroid Pic 300 instant camera comes with a big wide lens on the front side. The camera uses four simple automated settings – clear, fine, cloudy and indoor. These can be adjusted using the top dial. However, it lacks the zoom option.

Polaroid pic  300 viewfinder is slightly problematic and far wider than the lens. Some times, it distracts the original concerned area to be focused and hence you may find the image a little but distracted.  It works with four AA size batteries which are sufficient to take 80 images with one pack.Polaroid PIC 300 Camera Back

There is an automatic flash to adjust the brightness level in the dark. Polaroid PIC 300 is simple to use but the exposure is unpredictable. Sometimes, it makes the image more bright or dark and the action images are blurry. However the camera is perfect for taking Portrait Images.

Loading the film inside camera is easy, simply turn the camera and remove the film slot cover and carefully place the film. The pictures comes form the top of the camera. When the camera is not used for 5 minutes, the light turn off and the camera enters the energy saving mode. The camera can turned on by pressing the shutter release button that pulls the lens.


The major specifications of Polaroid 300 Instant Camera are given below;

  • Lens:                      60mm
  • Focusing:            Fixed Focus
  • Focus Range:     0.6 m – ∞
  • Film Type:           Instax 300 mini film
  • Camera Size:      (5 x 2.5 x 4.75) mm
  • Image Size:         2.1″ x 3.4″
  • Shutter speed:  1/60 sec
  • ISO:                       700
  • Flash:                   Automatic
  • Weight:               11.3 Ounce
  • Touch Screen:  NO


  • One of the cheapest Instant camera
  • Handy & small in size
  • Comfortable design for handling and shooting
  • Comes with automatic builtin flash
  • Four built in modes
  • Works with MINI Instax film ( Easily available )
  • Motorize film advance
  • Uses heat pulses to produce the perfect colors
  • Picture has border to mention date or write something special on some event


  • No zoom option
  • Not good option for low light environment
  • Viewfinder is distracting giving bad reference point idea
  • Film is little expensive
  • Exposure options are not too good

Suitable Films:Polaroid PIC 300 Camera Films

Polaroid Pic 300 Instant Polaroid camera uses the FujiFilm mini film which is easily available in the market. The Polaroid Zinc photo paper produces high quality images using the heat pulses through the thermal print head. Each picture is dry to touch, water resistant and have adhesive back.


After going through the above points, one can consider Polaroid Pic 300 as a complete photography package to enjoy the special moments. You get the high quality image with in no time. Pin the printed photos on some some board and gift them to your loved ones. The camera film is however expensive making it difficult for amateur photographers to try instant photography with Polaroid PIC 300 instant camera.

If you have budget and want to experiment with different instant photography settings then you must go with Polaroid PIC 300 Camera. You can also gift it to your children so that they can capture photos on school parities and learn the basic photography skills with this nice camera.